Best Mouth Guards for MMA Boxing Muay Thai

Review Of The Top MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai Mouthpieces

A mouthguard covers the teeth and parts of the jawbone in order to prevent injuries of teeth, jawbone, lips, and gums or to reduce the degree of injuries. Injuries can occur in martial arts such as boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, as well as in many team sports such as rugby, soccer, American football, lacrosse, basketball or hockey.


How to choose the best mouth guard for MMA or Boxing?

In order to choose the one that best suits your needs; I will explain each detail to take into account.

What Makes a Good Protective Mouthpiece?

Finding a mouth guard that fits your needs means knowing what will be best for you to take care of your jaw, teeth, and head in general. The price is essential; you should always go for the least expensive but a quality model.

The first consideration is the type of discipline you are practicing. Some require a transparent protector and others, such as full contact, can be part of your personality as a fighter.

This will also determine whether you need a single or double, double moldable, double gel or laminated protector.

You should know that the protector does not straighten the teeth, that is what orthodontics is for, but it does keep them in place. So if you don’t have a clear choice yet, this comparison list may help.

The Best MMA Mouthguards

Sentinel's Choice - Nextgen Aero Mouth Guard 1.6 by Sisu





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Specially designed to play football and for athletes who train in other sports that wear face protection, this protector has good lace and a suitable design to offer greater shock absorption.

It has a thickness of 1.6 mm and design suitable for hydrated blankets in training and facilitates breathing. It is suitable for adults or junior and senior athletes.

1. Damage Control Extreme Impact





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Damage Control Mouthguards are classic examples of superior body protection equipment, which heightens the athlete's ability to perform at a higher level. Science has proven, a better mouthpiece improves the boxer's ability to deliver a faster and more robust performance. Aligning the boxer's jaw, along with a well-positioned chin, adds power to a punch and improves the readiness of the fighter to take a harder shot.

Starting at the earliest age, parents need to instill in their children the importance of wearing a mouthguard whenever the young athlete steps onto the field of play. A quality mouthpiece helps the youth athlete gain confidence, prevent chipped and broken teeth, and reduces the severity of a head injury.

If you are serious about your sport and competitive build, Damage Control Mouthguards are the perfect fit.


  • $15,000 Limited Dental Warranty
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Multiple styles


  • Not custom fit

2. Sentinel's Choice - Shock Doctor 4300





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If you are one of those who uses braces or strong orthodontics, this protector will come with knobs.

It is made of semi-rigid medium grade silicone and offers protection for both upper and lower teeth. It prevents injuries in disciplines where the face is naked and offers you air channels so you can breathe more easily.

3. Venum Challenger Mouthguard





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The Venum Predator protector is one, but the best oral protector for MMA in cost/benefit ratio is the Challenger. The mouth guard sits well, is easy to adjust, and also comfortable to wear. Even wearing after a long time is quite possible and does not bother in any way.

Now, the only question is whether you also need a lower mouthguard? The opinions differ here and everyone should clarify this for themselves. If you are looking for a double mouthguard, then you are well served by the bestseller from Shock Doctor.

Removes the front air outlet after adjusting, otherwise, you would close the air passage when adjusting. Unfortunately, this is not in the manual, so be sure to pay attention, if you decide to order this one.

4. Venum Predator Tooth Protector





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To prevent the dislocated jaw in training sessions and to protect the teeth the Venum brand brings you this moldable protector specially indicated for the practice of martial arts and other contact sports.

It is made of high-density rubber and thermoformable gel that improves breathing, cares for teeth and protects you from injuries on the face.

5. Under Armour – ArmourFit





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The ArmourFit is a quality mouth guard designed for all contact sports. It is not so different from the two models of Venum that are above; it simply covers a more complete sports spectrum.

Which brand more reliable and with history than Everlast? If you have a tight budget but still want to ensure the welfare of your teeth, this is one of the best MMA mouth guards you can get for less than you think. The design is also quite cool and will make you look like an MMA fighter.

Why is a Mouthguard Important in Combat Sports?

As the name already suggests, this piece of equipment should protect your mouth and teeth. Especially in the head area, there are countless places that are very sensitive to shock and need to be well protected.

A knock on the jaw can mean a knockout, a blow directly to the teeth can even lead to tooth breakage. The consequences can be felt even after weeks, even if no jaw or tooth was broken.

If you do not protect your mouth with a suitable mask, it is your own fault. Normally, a good coach does not allow a boxing match without proper protective equipment, but there are always exceptions.

Again and again, I see it but myself that club boxers go into the ring without a mouthguard and thus carry out their boxing matches.

If you point this out, then you hear complaints about breathing or generally because of an uncomfortable feeling, which is supposed to disturb the concentration.

But this is only because whatever they've tried wasn't very good, or because it was not adapted properly. That’s why today we want to introduce you to a small selection of tested mouthguards and make it easier for you to buy.

How to adjust a face mask correctly, you can read in the following article – Adjusting the face mask correctly.

Advantages of a Professional Boxing Mouth Guard

  • Protection against tooth breakage
  • Stabilization of the upper or lower jaw
  • Controlled breathing
  • Habituation for competitions

Different Types of Mouth Guards

Basically, there are 3 types of mouth guards for MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai or any other combat sport:


They are sold in the standard format, that is, they are the same for all people. Therefore, once the purchases are ready to be used.

Since not everyone has the same mouth, it is very difficult to fit well and be comfortable.

In fact, the most frequent is that this type of protectors is loose and fall easily.

For this reason, it is preferable not to use them. In our opinion, they do not meet minimum quality standards.


This type of splints have the particularity of being made of a thermo adaptable material, that is, molded with heat depending on the mouth of the athlete.

To be able to carry it, the person must first prove it. And, once the appliance has taken the mold from the mouth, heat is applied to fit it.

Without being the most effective option of the three that exist, the semi-adaptable oral splints are better than the standard protectors, although worse than those manufactured by the dentist.

In fact, the semi-adaptable can be a good option when the person who uses them is undergoing orthodontic treatment, either with brackets or with Invisalign aligners.

This is because during orthodontic treatment the mouth is very changeable and these types of protectors are cheaper than those made to measure by the dentist.

Therefore, if they break or stop working, we can buy another one more easily.

And, once the brackets or the latest Invisalign aligner are removed, we can now ask our dentist to manufacture a fully customized one.

At that time, the teeth will have already acquired a definitive position, so we can use the long-term protection splint.

Custom (Professional)

They are manufactured by the dentist in a completely personalized way since they are made through some molds taken from the patient. That is why this type of splints are undoubtedly the best and with which the athlete obtains the greatest benefits.

They adapt and fit perfectly to the dental and maxillary anatomy, so they are much more comfortable, do not fall, remain in the original position and respect the patient’s normal occlusion. And, above all, they fulfill their main function: they effectively

Among the three types of mouthguards, these are, without a doubt, the best. However, we must bear in mind that not all people have the same needs.
Therefore, it is possible that even being the best, not all athletes need to take them.

To solve the possible doubts on this subject, in the last point of this article we will try to tell you which is the most appropriate type of oral protector for you.

Other things to consider before buying a mouth guard

Before taking one directly to training or fighting it is essential that you take into account a series of criteria that will help you select the most appropriate protector for your protection and training needs.

Other Factors To Consider


This is a determining factor, but it has some details worth analyzing. In essence, a protector smaller than your mouth will not protect you from the blows as it should, on the contrary, it will surely cause a lot of pain, a very large one will surely not fit you or it will not be comfortable either. Experts argue that a good protector, rather than large should be thick, this applies especially to experts in contact disciplines.

When talking about a “big” protector, but one that is suitable for you is one that protects everything: teeth, gums, jaws, these tend to be thick and stand out, but they will take good care of you, the issue with these types of protectors is that they are not comfortable, but they do their job of taking care of your teeth, they tend to excel and you will have to learn to breathe with them because, at the beginning, keeping your breath in those conditions is really difficult.
The most recommended is always when choosing a good protector that the equipment in question offers you a good protection

Design and Style

Depending on your budget, preferences and what you really need, you can think of a customizable style and a specific design for your protector. Although in reality, it is not such an important detail that it will affect your protection if you are a professional or with a reputation in the world of rough sports, it will be bad for you to obtain images, favorite colors, a phrase, a flag or a logo with your name on it. The protector that you will use for the combats. It is not a cheap option, but it can be a whim that you can fulfill if you dedicate yourselves professionally to this type of combat.

Comfort vs. Protection

These two qualities are of vital importance at the time of selecting protection, although it seems to you madness neither of them is more important than the other. An uncomfortable protector can take you out of concentration, make you lose the notion of training, lose performance and even cause more pain than necessary, so to choose one this has to be, necessarily comfortable.

On the other hand, a comfortable protector that does not do your job will not be very helpful, so you should also protect yourself. The level of protection and comfort will depend, of course, on your preferences.


The type of sport that you practice also affects the protector that you will need to take care of your teeth, this is because each sport demands a different level of protection, and even some sports disciplines have rules for the use of protectors.

Knowing what is the appropriate protector for your sport is reduced to knowing whether or not you use facial protection.

In contrast, sports disciplines that do not use facial protection require, by logical deduction, a protector that is thicker and has more protection on the front, offering protection for the heads and elbows.


With personalization, you can make a specific identity in the discipline that you practice. As we have already told you, this feature depends entirely on your pocket and preferences when buying.

How to Clean a Mouthguard?

For a mouth guard to last for many years, it must be properly cared for.

This care consists, mainly, in maintaining rigorous hygiene that includes washing it after each use and storing it in a case with some ventilation so that it does not deteriorate.

However, when storing it, keep in mind that it should never be in direct sunlight or inside a car at high temperatures.

If you have any questions about cleaning or maintenance, we recommend reading an article we published a long time ago on how to clean Invisalign aligners. As it is a splint -although different- its hygiene is very similar.

In short, just clean the mouth guard with a brush, warm water, and soap. After several uses, we recommend that you immerse the appliance in a glass of water and dilute a special tablet to clean dentures.

These tablets are marketed by different brands and sold in pharmacies. With their use, you will help to preserve the natural transparency of the splint and avoid bad smells.

One last detail: even if you think the result may be similar, never use toothpaste as a substitute for soap or mouthwash instead of the cleaning tablet.

Although these products are suitable for our own hygiene, they are not suitable for washing your mouthguard. Among other things, it can happen that the appliance loses its natural transparency.