Best MMA Games of All Time

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) remains an extremely popular fighting sport that people watch on TV. With new matches happening on a regular basis, alongside new stars rising, people continue to enjoy the sport. And when sports become popular, game developers will make video games about them.

Many people don't want to step in the ring themselves, understandably, so they can live out UFC experiences and dreams through video games. UFC had many games released, so which ones stand out? This list will share with you the seven best UFC games of all time and why they were great.

Top 7 Mixed Martial Arts Games

UFC Undisputed 3


When this game came out for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it drew in attention. While it provided fun fighting gameplay and a way to play against your friends, it had other features that people enjoyed. For example, you could create your own fighter to play as in the other game modes.

On top of this, the game offered an Exhibition mode so that you can hop right in and play with your friends. If you enjoy more of an experience, then you have the Career Mode to enjoy or you could fight people online. This made the game extremely easy to play for a little while and even hop online to enjoy with friends.

UFC Throwdown


Although Throwdown is an older game that was made for the PS2 and Gamecube, it remains a classic. At the time, the graphics were excellent for a UFC game, so people loved how it looked and they enjoyed the fun gameplay. Along with Exhibition and Career modes, you could play the Arcade and Tournament modes.

This game offered many playable characters, with over two dozen fighters, so that you can pick from your favorite stars of that time period. This game kept it fun and enjoyable, allowing two people to play together while also providing good single player options.

UFC 2010 Undisputed


When you boot up this game, you can tell from the intro's beautiful graphics that this will be a great UFC game. This game offers multiple modes for you to choose from. You can hop right into Exhibition mode, or you can play Career Mode along with some interesting new options: the Title and Events modes.

Interestingly, this game saw a release on PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and iOS, meaning that you could play it on the go. It also allowed you to enjoy online play along with creating your own fighter. With tons of content and an expanded experience, this one stands out as an awesome UFC game.

Ultimate Fighting Championship


The Ultimate Fighting Championship game was released on PlayStation and Dreamcast. This one worked well as an introduction of what UFC games would become. While the PS1 didn't have amazing graphics, the Dreamcast showed off the power and flexibility that these games can have.

It provided options to adjust blood levels while also choosing the rounds and stadium. On top of that, you can play the UFC, Champion Road and Tournament modes to give yourself plenty to do and have fun with. Enjoy the awesome gameplay and potential of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC Tapout - Xbox Exclusive


Although this game only came out for the Xbox, it received excellent reviews since people enjoyed this game. It had plenty of fun gameplay to keep it interesting while requiring you to play well. To add to this, the game lets you make fighters of your own while bringing in some excellent game modes from past games.

You can once again enjoy modes like UFC, Tournament and Arcade so that you can play plenty of fights and enjoy the game. The game also allowed you to play as over 30 UFC fighters, some of them requiring you to unlock them. This way, you'll enjoy unlocking content as you play the different game modes.

UFC Tapout 2 - Xbox Exclusive


This sequel to the previous game also came out on Xbox. Although it might not have received as good of reviews at the first game, it's still a fun and enjoyable game for those that like UFC. It provides the modes in the previous game, but they do replace UFC mode with Career mode, while offering some new ones.

For example, in this game, you can play Champion Road or Legend Mode for more variety in your UFC game. With a roster of over 40 fighters, gamers can play as more of their favorite stars while still having the option of playing as created fighters. This one has even more unlockables, giving you more reasons to keep playing.

UFC: Sudden Impact - PlayStation Exclusive


Since Xbox fans got the Tapout series, PS2 owners got to play UFC: Sudden Impact. Although it was renamed to Versus Mode, the game still offered an Exhibition mode to play right away. It also had its usual game modes like Tournament, Arcade and Champion Road so that you have something to do if you play single player.

However, instead of a Career Mode, this game has a Story Mode to let you feel like a UFC star. It also allows you to play as 35 characters, which is great for a game from this era. It works as an excellent game for those that played it in the past who want to re-experience the game.

Final Thoughts

For those that love watching the UFC, they may want to pick up some of these excellent games. This way, you can play as your favorite UFC stars, and even create your own fighters, to enjoy the experience from your couch. This way, you can have an interactive UFC experience without actually fighting anyone, allowing you to have a good time.

Each of these UFC games stand out for different reasons, so make sure to look up more information about them or even watch some videos. That way, you can have a great time and continue to support this popular sport.