Dallas MMA Gyms


MMA is a practice that focuses strictly on live combat. Whether you're interested in becoming the next big name in the Dallas octagon, or just want to learn how to properly defend yourself if necessary - you will need to learn how to perform against someone who's actively trying to put work on you in return. This means that any reputable Dallas Mixed Martial Arts Gym has to put real-life efficiency as a priority in anything that they teach their students.

Theory means nothing in this sport. Which is exactly why so many of us have fallen in love with it. It's all about what actually works in the heat of the moment. And anything that doesn't need to be scrapped entirely or reworked.

In order to build complete fighters who can handle whatever comes their way, we've determined that there needs to be a focus on three primary areas of skills: grappling/submissions, takedowns, and striking.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


There was a time in the early days of MMA when grappling wasn't even in the cards. It was all punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. But as soon as jiu-jitsu was introduced to the sport, it was clear how dominant of a technique it was. The fighters that could work their opponents on the ground dominated those who couldn't. Today, if you don't have a strong understanding of combat jiu-jitsu, you're not going to make very far.

Judo & Wrestling


The gateway to any good ground game. Here's an easy question for you: If you can't get your opponent on the ground, does it matter how well your grappling game is?

Of course not.

And the same is true in the reverse: If your takedown defense is strong enough, then it'll be damn hard for your opponent to get any sort of submission in.

Plain and simple.



The ultimate form of striking combining aspects from Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, and Wrestling to make you the deadliest stand up fighter around. Popular in Asia, Russia, and Brazil, Shoot-Boxing is a modern approach to stand up fighting designed specifically for combat.

It incorporates everything you need to be able to handle yourself on your feet including striking, takedowns, and grappling. Keeping to the rule that everything you learn in your gym should transfer to live situations - whether competition or otherwise.