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Delano Romero, CEO of Damage Control Mouthguards, had to have his two front teeth fractured before he started thinking of a better mouthguard. The thick and bulky over the counter mouthpiece he was using did not deliver protection the Brazilian needed in his Jiu-Jitsu sparring bout.

Romero thus began his exploration into launching a better fitting, more comfortable mouthguard. His journey to an improved mouthguard started with Vesna Delic DDS and an organic chemist from Sandia National Laboratories. The team began to ascertain the strongest shock absorption material and its ideal thickness for a variety of mouthguards.

Years of specialized research has guided Damage Control to produce a more comfortable and protective mouthguard than any of its rivals.


  • A technologically advanced product line-up, the business established its research in the correct areas, dental and materials.
  • Rather than struggling to sell its products at every over the counter warehouse and website, Damage Control concerned itself with the comfort and safety of its clients, FIRST!
  • Expanding product line-up; Boil & Bite mouthguards have a custom like feel and appearance, perfect for the team. Custom-fit Guards are for the serious athlete who places their safety and performance first, leaving no stone unturned.
  • Great warranties for its products; 1) $10,000 Limited Warranty for its Grip Guards and High Impact Mouthguards, $15,000 for the Extreme Impact product 2) All Custom-Fit Mouthguards come with a $25,000 Limited Warranty.
  • Personalization is a powerful selling point to these mouthguards. Add custom graphics for a team, along with individual numbers and the athlete will keep his mouthguard for a lifetime.
  • The firm is constantly searching for fresh revenue channels and technologies


  • Damage Control Mouthguards are too pricey for the occasional sports athlete. Even the Grip Guards are exorbitant for young kids playing a pick up game. The company needs to generate a less expensive product with much of the same qualities of their custom-fit mouthguards.
  • There is no conclusive proof (on the field) Damprotech Material provides thinner, superior protection.
  • Communication is lacking, once the impression kit is returned there is no interaction. Most times, the only way to get an update on an order is constantly calling a sales rep.

What Makes DC Mouthguards Superior To Its Competitors

  • Technology, custom fit, and protection are at the core of Damage Control Mouthguards. Delano Romero's business has taken a piece of equipment that previously was an afterthought and shifted it into a competitive position. From the Boil & Bite products to custom fit HXC, Damproband Technologies and Damprotech Material DC take nothing for granted.
  • 3D Scanning and 3D Printed Mouthguards are now part of Damage Control's repertoire of new technologies. DC has added a digital 3 Shape Lab Scanner to scan customer impressions for better fit and comfort.
  • Damage Control sends you a dental impression kit (two putty packets and two impression trays) Free Of Charge! This feature is the start of your custom mouthguard process. Watch the custom videos to make certain you understand the process because additional Impression Kits are $25.
  • Protect each player and show off team colors with Damage Control Team Mouth Guards. Receive a substantial per piece quantity discount compared to the regular retail price. Upload your team graphics to customize any of the Damage Control series. Each mouthpiece can have unique numbers or other personalized graphics for an added charge.
  • DC Mouthguards by Sport, allow athletes to choose individualistic mouth protection based on their sport. From boxing and Lacrosse to martial arts, MMA, and water polo Damage Control provides the ideal comfort and protection. VFP devices are available to the athlete who clench or grind teeth during explosive training.
  • Damage Control has drawn together "dental lab technicians, professional dentists, chemical engineers, and professional athletes to bring the world the most protective highest performing mouth guard products."

Comfort Characteristics

From the outset of Damage Control Mouthguards, comfort has been a fundamental objective for the product line. Delano Romero recalls his first days of jiu-jitsu sparring when his OTC mouthguard was too thick and bulky to be comfortable.

Athletes most serious objection to wearing a mouthguard, it just is not comfortable. Damage Control has revolutionized the mouthguard industry, placing comfort and fit as its top priority.

Are Bigger Mouth Guards Better?

Over time technologies have made bulky products smaller and safer, along with adding superior materials into the mix. Innovative companies produce far advanced products from their bulky selves. Bigger is NOT! Better when it comes to a mouthguard. An ill-fitting mouthpiece will be uncomfortable, hinder breathing and movement, and could protect the athlete LESS!

Comfort begins with the impression kit and having the precise fit from the start. The companies venture into a 3 Shape Lab Scanner has drastically enhanced the comfort level of its products. DC technicians fabricate mouthguards to their proper thickness, which is a vital factor for good comfort. New 3D scanning and printing capabilities increase the market advantage for Damage Control.

Customers add validation to Damage Control's claim; its mouthguards are the best fitting, most comfortable product on the market. When Delano Romero fractured his jaw without his bulky mouthguard, the priority for Damage Control was ultimate comfort.

DC mouthguards allow for peak oxygen absorption and communication for athletes. This comfort feature lets the athlete put more heart into their game rather than fixating on an awkward mouthpiece.

Ultimate Protection

Since the early 1900s, mouthguards have been considered protection for the teeth, not soft tissue and jaw security. A true custom mouthguard must protect gums, tongue, cheek, and jaw along with the athlete's teeth. Damage Control uses a Drufomat Scan Pressure Machine in their mouthguard fabrication process. This degree of build sophistication ensures the athlete' s entire teeth and mouth structure are cared for.

Violent contact sports such as MMA, football, hockey, and kickboxing can end careers if the mouth and teeth are not adequately secured.

The HXC Custom Mouthguard is viewed by many to be the best mouthguard on the market. Facebook reviews sing the praises of the HXC. The mouthguard is available for custom fitting in each of the sports Damage Control covers. The HXC has a hardening layer built inside the mouthguard. Studies have confirmed, this layer adds 417% better power distribution. Injuries to the mouth occur at the front teeth, and the HXC redistributes violent forces to the back teeth, which are more durable.

Protection Technologies by DC:

  • Damprobands are scattering bands which can be added to any custom mouthguard. The bands serve as a roll bar for your teeth and mouth area. Damproband technology diffuses violent impact energy, away from the front teeth to the more stable rear mouth area.
  • Damprotech material has far superior shock absorption properties than any substance on the market. Damprotech was invented by Damage Control's founder when he was exploring for stronger, less bulky material to produce his mouthguards. The study by the US Department of Energy by Sandia Laboratories found, Damprotech Material, among other results, exhibited 150% better shock absorption than alternative materials on the market.

Damprotech and Damproband technologies are at the core of Damage Control's transformation in the mouthguard industry.


Damage Control Mouthguards are by far the finest product on the market, and the firm's technology is like no other. Competitors offer a Boil and Bite product along with their customization product; however, they never acknowledge the technology behind the offerings.

Without a doubt, Damage Control Mouthguards offer some of the most advanced processes and components possible for the marketplace. Not only have they surpassed competitors, everybody else is playing catch-up. Some mouthguard designs seem a little dated, though.

With Damage Control's foray into 3D Scanning and Printing, these technologies should open broad new fields of revenue channels.

The VFP mouthguard is an outstanding product with plenty of effective choices. With the inclusion of its 3D scanning capabilities, this could be a substantial product offering for the company. Throughout the website, there are plenty of references asking for innovative protective technologies and other creative services that can take advantage of the firm's technology.

HXC and Damproband Mouthguards are without equal in the marketplace.

Delano Romero is a terrific role model for kids. He is in an ideal position to expand his company and offer customers new, exciting and innovative products.

Without question, the business needs to open up its product line to a less costly option. The beginning price of fifteen bucks is steep for most kids, and those young athletes are the future of the organization.

Damage Control Mouthguards look like a quality company on the threshold of substantial achievements.