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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ, is a form of jiu-jitsu pioneered in part by Grandmaster Helio Gracie that relies on leverage and technique in order to incapacitate opponents regardless of strength and size. Helio Gracie, being of a smaller stature himself, developed this style from the more aggressive judo that he was thought in order to compete with men more physically capable than he was.

Through time, this style, has become the most popular version of the practice and is recognized throughout the world as one of the most effective forms of grappling today. Relying on joint locks and chokeholds to bring fights to an end as efficiently as possible.

Is DC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Right For You?

Some of the biggest names in the modern Mixed Martial Arts world like Joe Rogan, have publicly declared their love and dedication to the discipline. Stating that it's the purest form of Martial Arts due to it's strong foundation on technique and real-world application.

Not only is Washington DC BJJ physically demanding, forcing your body to grow and adapt over time, but it is also incredibly effective at developing one's mind.

Figuring out how to maneuver your opponent into a comprimising position while he or she is trying to do the same thing to you is a very unique form of 3d chess that takes place every time you roll with someone.

Making it ideal for anyone looking to build some core strenght, learn how to defend themselves, and/or discipline their mind.

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